Overview Spare part for the P324 Fromm

Spare parts P324

Spare parts for battery-powered strapping tool type FROMM P324 can be found in the table below. All spare parts are available on stock and can be delivered immediately at very competitive prices. If you are not sure which part of your strapping tool is defective or how to exchange the part, please send your strapping tool to our service station where skilled technicians will take care of your immediately after receipt.


Spare part number
Spare part description
P32.2034 Achse
P32.1228 Backenhalter
P32.1229 Backenhalter
P32.1233 Bandanschlag
P32.1242 Bandführung
P32.2024 Drucktaster
P32.2065 Elektromotor
P32.2043 Elektronik
P32.2023 Halteplatte
N5.2322 Mikroschalter
N5.2359 Mikroschalter
N5.2702 Deckel
P32.1046 Planetenrad
P32.1047 Deckel
P32.1211 Deckel
P32.2010 Deckel
P32.2009 Drehknopf
P32.1216 Druckrolle
P32.1217 Planetenrad
P32.0118 Planetenstufe
P32.1044 Planetenträger
P32.0120 Rad
P32.0136 Spannkoerper
P32.0139 Federpaket
P32.0140 Einlegeteil
P32.1050 Gelenkhebel
P32.2006 Griffhebel
P32.1225 Haltebacke
P32.1226 Haltebacke
P32.1227 Haltebacke
P32.1051 Hebel
P32.1411 Hebel
P32.1422 Hebel
P32.1414 Hebel
P32.0144 Schwinge
P32.0147 Basismodell
P32.0148 Antrieb
P32.1048 Rad
P32.0149 Ritzel
P32.1023 Ritzel
P32.0150 Zahnrad
P32.0151 Kegelritzel
P32.0152 Motor
P32.2040 Motorgehäuse
P32.2042 Motorgehäuse
P32.0153 Körper
P32.1053 Schweißbacke
P32.1203 Schweißhaltebacke
P32.1254 Spannkörper
P32.1220 Spannrolle
P32.1204 Trennmesser
P32.0154 Zahnrad
P32.0156 Zahnrad