Overview Spare part for the P320, P321, P322 and P323 by Fromm

Spare parts P320-P323

Spare parts for battery-powered strapping tools type FROMM P320, P321 and P323 can be found in the table below. All spare parts are available on stock and can be delivered immediately at very competitive prices. If you are not sure which part of your strapping tool is defective or how to exchange the part, please send your strapping tool to our service station where skilled technicians will take care of your immediately after receipt.


Spare part number Spare part description
AKKU12V Ersatzakku für P320-P324 12 V
AKKU14V Ersatzakku für P324-P325 14 V
P32-0112 Aufhängebügel
P35-3209 Backenhalter
P35-3210 Backenhalter
N1-6344 Distanzstück
N2-5237 Druckfeder
N2-5178 Druckfeder
P32-2011 Einlegeteil
N2.5822 Feder
P32-1011 Filz
P35-3216 Führungsbolzen
P35-3217 Führungsbolzen
P32-1050 Gelenkhebel
P35-2034 Getriebegehäuse
N3-3172 Gleitlager
N3.3172 Gleitlager
P35-3206 Haltebacke
P35-3207 Haltebacke
P35-3208 Haltebacke
P32-1051 Hebel
N5-1129 Motor
N3.4509 Nadellauf
P32-1012 Schieber
P32-0111 Schutzplatte
P35-3128 Schweißhaltebacke
N2.1118 Sicherungsring
N2-1805 Spannring
P35-3203 Spannrolle
P32-1130 Steuerprint
P35-3214 Trennmesser
N1.6331 U-Scheibe