BXT-2 Signode® successor of BXT-16

Signode® BXT2 battery-powered strapping tool

Design and functioning

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Signode® BXT2 is the newest generation of battery-powered strapping tools. It is faster and easier in use and thus guarantees highest productivity.

Its innovative design is ideally adjusted for use in rough surroundings and allows for highest availability. An outstanding proof for its high availability is the BOSCH lithium ion hyper charge technology charging the battery without causing so called "memory effects".

After only 15 minutes charging time a charging level of 75-80% can be reached (even with a completely empty battery). The BXT2 retains the pre-selected tension force until the last strapping cycle has been done.

Design and handling of Signode® BXT defines a new standard for manual strapping tools.

Thanks to its ergonomic and balanced design, the BXT2 is not only light, but also ideal for one-hand use. The patented BXT2 sealing system provides not only manual, but also an automatic mode.

Selection of tension force, sealing time and manual vs. automatic mode is done by a touch panel.

Brushless maintenance-free motor technology

Up to 400 strapping cycles can be done with only one battery load thanks to the brushless motor technolgoy.

High performance lithium ion battery

The new Bosch lithium ion battery system provides highest power and can be re-charged at any time as there is no risk of a memory effect anymore. The robust desing protects the battery against mechanical damage.

Automatic sealing system

Signode® BXT2 can be operated in three different modes: • manual tensioning, sealing upon push of a button. • Automatic tensioning, sealing upon push of a button. • Fully-automatic mode: tensioning, sealing and cutting of the strap upon a single push of a button.

Electronic control

Tension force and sealing time can be easily adjusted by means of a touch panel.

Safe and fast sealing system

Highest productivity and once again less wearing parts are made possible by the new friction-weld sealing system.

Dual strap insertion

Thanks to the dual strap insertion more strapping cycles can be realized as with the previous model.

“Hypercharge Technology”

75-80% of maximum charge is reached after only 15 minutes, full charge after 30 minutes. The active cooling system increases life time of the battery and avoids overheating.