Pneumatic strapping tools

Pneumatic strapping tools can be operated independent on battery charging status. On the other hand, they are not as flexible as battery-powered strapping tools as a compressed air connection is required. A starter set of compressed air can be found here.

Tool Picture
Strap type Strap width Strip thickness Drive
Zapak ZP 28/6 PP, PET 12-16 mm 0.55-1.05mm Compressed air 3,500 N
Zapak ZP 28 PP, PET 16-19 mm 0.55-1.05mm Compressed air 3,500 N
Fromm P 355 PP, PET 10 -16 mm 0.4-1.05mm Compressed air 2,100 N
Fromm P 356 PP, PET 16-19 mm 0.4-1.35mm Compressed air 3,700 N

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