The OR-T 400 of Orgapack is the successor of the OR-T 300

Orgapack OR-T 400 battery-powered strapping tool / successor of OR-T 300

With a maximum tension force of 4,000 N Orgapack OR-T 400 is intended for heavy duty applications in the wood, metal or building materials industry and thus makes substitution of steel strapping by PET strapping also in those industries possible. ORT 400 gets this high power from a 18 V lithium ion battery, alternatively also from a power adaptor that is available as accessory part. ORT 400 can be operated in a fully-automatic mode - one of 6 available working modes. Despite those extra features and the higher power, Orgapack OR-T 400 is with 4.2 kg even lighter that its predecessor OR-T 300 and is characterized by its ergonomic design.

Orgapack OR-T 400

Watch product video (here: Signode® BXT2-19)

Orgapack OR-T 400 is intended for use with 16-19 mm strap width. Thanks to its robust design it can also be used in rough surroundings. Furthermore, all wearing parts can be exchanged easily as it is the case for all Orgapack battery-powered strapping tools.