OR-T 300 of Orgapack is the predecessor of the OR-T 400

Orgapack OR-T 300 battery-powered strapping tool

Orgapack OR-T 300 is the predecessor of Orgapack OR-T 400. Unlike other Orgapack battery-powered strapping tools, there are TWO batteries included in an ORT 300 set and it reaches 3,300 N maximum tension force. Hence, this strapping tool is ideal for high tension PET straps - especially for 19 mm strap width. In order to really benefit from the high potential breaking strength of a 19 mm PET strap, it needs to be tensioned with enough tension force. On the other hand, users often think that the higher the tension force the better the result - but that is not true as the strapping tool must fit with breaking strength of the strap. If an OR-T 300 was used with a thin PP strap, the strap would simply be destroyed.

Orgapack OR-T 300


Other suppliers call this tool differently: Cyklop CHT 300, Strapex STB 65 or Signode® BXT-19 - but the only difference is the colour of the tools as they are all produced by Orgapack. A less expensive and thus interesting alternative to Orgapack OR-T 300 is Zapak LS-ZP 26 with 3,000 N tension force. Unlike OR-T 300 this tool is equipped by a brushless motor and a modern lithium ion battery without memory effect. Hence, maintenance costs for Zapak ZP-26 are significantly lower.