OR-T 250 of Orgapack is the successor of the OR-T 200

Orgapack OR-T 250 battery-powered strapping tool / successor of OR-T 200

Since August 2009 Orgapack OR-T 250 as successor of Orgapack OR-T 200 is available. Already the name shows one of the major modifications: maximum tension force was increased by 500 N to 2,500 N. A further improvement is the new "sof tensioning" function as well as the fully-automatic mode - one of six possible modes the OR-T 250 can be operated in. That does not only mean a gain in efficiency, but also in quality as all strapping cycles can be repeated with exactly the same strapping parameters. If packaging goods differ a lot, fully-automatic mode does not make sense - and in this case ORT 250 can be operated in a manual mode which is the same as for ORT 200. The soft function reduces maximum tension force and should be used for sensitive packaging goods like glass.

Orgapack OR-T 250 battery-powered strapping tool


Watch product video (here: Signode® BXT2)

User of Orgapack OR-T 200 will recognize the new OR-T 250 model immediately as design and colour is almost the same; but length of the tool could be reduced significantly, making use easier in places where space is limited. ORT 250 gets its power from a strong 14.4 V Bosch lithium ion battery without memory effect. Unlike OR-T 200, motor of OR-T 250 is brushless and maintenance costs are thus signicantly lower with this new battery-powered strapping tool.