The spanner OR-4000 Orgapack or KOS of TITAN for single tensioner


Orgapack's OR-4000 is a single-lever combination tool for plastic strapping - hence, tensioning and sealing is done with the same (and single) lever. It can be used with PP or PET strapping and is available in two versions: for 12-13 mm, called OR-4000.13, and for 15-16 mm, called OR-4000.16. Other suppliers call this tool differently, like KOS 13 or KOS 16. But it is always the same tool (only the colour is different).

Single-lever tensioner Orgapack OR-4000


This combination strapping tool for plastic strapping has to be used with original toothed seals type 13x30x0,7 mm for 13 mm and with type 16x30x1,0 mm for 16 mm. A less expensive alternative to Orgapack OR-4000 is LINSTRAP's LS-44 that is also available in two versions: for 13 and 16 mm strap width. It can be used with the same seals than the Orgapack tool and is suitable for PP AND PET strapping as well. The only difference is that tensioning and sealing is not done with the same, but with two different levers.