Battery strapping tool, Typ LST 270, 9-16 mm

Product information "Battery strapping tool, type LST 270, 16-19 mm"

Battery-powered strapping tool for plastic strap, suitable for 16-19 mm strap width, 0,8-1,3 mm strap thickness, up to 4500 N tension force, application: for flat applications, combination tool (tensioner and sealer integrated in one tool), suitable for strap type: PP and PET strapping, 1 battery and 1 charger included, Including 18 V Li-Ion battery and fast-charger, dimensions: (LxWxH) 330 x 105 x 165 mm, weight including battery: 4.00 kg

Unique Selling Propositions:

- suitable for heavy duty applications
- variable strap widths (16-19 mm) with a single tool without additional parts
- maximum efficiency thanks to 9 m/min tensioning speed
- easy opening due to hanging feed wheel
- optimized ergonomics: effortless, well-balanced one-hand operation
- lightest battery strapping tool on the market

Bandbreite (mm): 16
Bandstärke (mm): 0,8
Bandtyp: PP- und PET-Band
Ausführung Verschluss: Friktionsverschluss (Reib-Schweiß-Verschluss)
Umreifungsart: Flachumreifung
Zubehör: 1 Akku und 1 Ladegerät
Funktion: Kombigerät (Spann- und Verschlussfunktion integriert)
Spannkraft: 4500


LST270 1 1

LST270 leftside 1 1